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Restaurant and bar

We specialize in highland cuisine, amaze with our signature cocktails, and encourage real conversation


The basis for our cuisine is local seasonal products. We prefer our food to be familiar to our guests, healthy, and delicious. We serve an omelette made of pastured barn eggs, choose local trout over Nordic salmon, and gather our mushrooms and berries in a nearby forest.

Here you can have a quiet breakfast on a terrace or by a panoramic window with a mountains view, regain strength with a hearty lunch after hiking, or gather your family for a warm dinner.

We care about the environment and want to keep our ecological footprint to a minimum. That is why we recycle.


If you are looking for heart-to-heart conversations, a great selection of organic wines and signature cocktails, come to our bar. Feel free to chat with friends and make new acquaintances, laugh and try new things. If you are hesitant about what to order, just tell the bartender what mood you are in today, and he will pick up a perfect combination for the evening.