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Reservation and Stay Terms and Conditions

  1. To book a room at Shpytsi Hotel, it is required to fill out the form on the hotel website in the Booking section.
  2. The application must contain the following information:
    • a. Full names of the guests;
    • b. Check-in and check-out dates and time;
    • c. Number of rooms required;
    • d. Number of adults staying. Number and age of children staying;
    • e. Guests’ country of citizenship;
    • f. Email address and contact number;
  3. In case of not providing all the information mentioned above, the hotel reserves the right to refuse the reservation application;
  4. The hotel accepts or rejects the reservation within 24 hours since the application has been received. If the room which the guest requested is not available, the hotel sends a message about the rejection of the application. The hotel informs the guests of their reservation status via email, Viber, or Telegram;
  5. he hotel accepts the reservation only if there are available rooms that satisfy the guest’s requirements;
  1. A reservation becomes guaranteed as soon as the guest pays an upfront fee worth 30% of hotel services as per due bill.
  1. The guest can cancel the reservation by calling the hotel or sending either an email or a message via Viber or Telegram to inform the hotel of the reservation cancellation;
  2. The guest has the right to cancel his/her reservation no later than 7 days before the arrival date. In case of a no-show, the up-front fee is considered to be a fine for a no-show. In case of reservation cancellation in advance at least 7 seven before the arrival date, no fine is applied, and the up-front fee is kept on the guest’s personal account to be used as a deposit for further reservations within 1 year.
  1. Upon arrival, the guest shows the hotel manager his/her identity verification document and the message with the room reservation verification;
  2. The guests check in on the committed day of the arrival after 15:00 (local time);
  3. The guests check out not later than noon (12:00, local time) on the committed date of the check-out;
  4. During the check-in, the hotel collects a 100% payment for the whole period of stay. In case of an early check-out, the remaining amount of payment is not returned to the guest;
  5. he guest may pay for the hotel services in one of the following ways:
    1. cashless payment by transferring money to the current account of the hotel;
    2. cash payment;
    3. Visa or MasterCard credit card payment via LiqPay system;
    4. Visa or MasterCard credit card payment during the check-in at the hotel;
  1. The hotel is responsible for the quality of the services rendered. The hotel is not responsible for force majeure circumstances and temporary inconveniences which occur due to third party’s fault, caused for instance by temporary blackouts, as well as inconveniences caused by temporary repairs, i.e. equipment repair or preservation. The hotel is also not responsible in case of emergencies irrespective of both parties, natural disasters, strikes, military activities, or other emergencies which prevent the hotel from providing services as committed.
  1. The guest gives the hotel his/her permission to process his/her personal data with the purpose of business management under applicable laws of Ukraine, as well as to fulfil the terms of the contract for providing hotel services, implement and protect parties’ rights under the valid contract for providing hotel services, and exercise other hotel’s powers and duties which are not contrary to the laws of Ukraine and terms of the valid contact.
  2. If any difficulties arise while making a reservation, please contact us at the telephone number +380 96 404 22 44, or via